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Your Local Last-Mile Delivery Solution

At Neighbour Express, we have revolutionized last-mile delivery in North America through our innovative community-based courier system. By leveraging the power of shared economy and fostering a community-driven approach, we’ve localized last-mile delivery challenges like never before. Our mission is simple – to bring neighbors closer and ensure seamless, efficient, and cost-effective delivery services.

Why Neighbour Express?

Embrace a smarter, more neighborly approach to last-mile delivery. Experience the convenience of our efficient, traceable, and budget-friendly delivery services by joining Neighbour Express today.

Seamless Connectivity

We connect neighbors within the community, forging a stronger, more interconnected society.

Enhanced Efficiency

Localized last-mile delivery means quicker deliveries and fewer delays.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our model reduces carbon emissions by optimizing delivery routes and utilizing eco-friendly modes of transport.

Support Local Business

Partnering with us helps support local businesses by offering reliable and affordable delivery services.

How It Works?

Our community-driven system empowers local residents, speeds up deliveries, provides transparency, and offers cost-effective, efficient delivery solutions for all.

  • Community-Centric Approach
    We believe in neighbors helping neighbors. Through our network of community stations, we empower local residents to become delivery partners, enabling a seamless exchange of goods within the neighborhood.
  • Last-Mile Localization:
    With our strategically placed community stations, we’ve broken down the delivery process into manageable units, allowing for swift, localized distribution, and significantly reducing delivery timeframes.
  • Fast and Traceable:
    Our state-of-the-art delivery platform ensures both speed and transparency. Track your packages in real-time as they journey through the neighborhood, providing peace of mind and reducing uncertainty.
  • Cost-Efficient:
    By tapping into existing community resources, we’ve minimized overheads and optimized costs, making our delivery services an economical choice for both businesses and individuals.

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