I'm Pickup Point

Become a Neighbour Point to make extra revenue and build customer relationships.

Make your business the centre of your community

Earn per-parcel revenue
from Neighbour Point

Receive training and on-going customer support

Why this

Local postal office and traditional postal service are not enough for this changing world. An agile, efficient way to deliver parcels is needed urgently. Imagine when your business is getting more awareness by people who come to pick up their parcel and therefore boost your sale.

Why us

Since Covid-19, people have been getting accustomed to online shopping. Neighbour Express distributes over 200 thousand online shopping parcels Canada wide. We use sophisticated distribution and sorting technologies to provide efficient and convenient parcel delivery to consumers. In the meantime, our local business partners get revenue and awareness from the operation.

Why now

E-commerce and online shopping are vastly growing and so are we! We cannot develop and expand without our local business partners. Join us and take advantage of this great business opportunity.

How it works

Neighbour Express will deliver parcels to your location daily.

Customers will receive notifications and come to your location to pick up their parcels.

Parcels will be stored at your location for five days. Neighbour Express will pick up the remainder parcels on the sixth day.

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