Uni Pickup

Thank you for using Neighbour Express for picking up your package. Please check the pick-up process and frequently asked questions below, if you have questions to ask, feel free to contact us.

Receive Door Tag
You will receive a door tag with your pick-up information.
01 Jan 2020
Find the Location
According to the Tag to find the exact location of the pick-up store.
01 Jan 2020
Sub Label
Go, Pick it Up!
Bring your Tag and ID to pick up package.

| Q & A

Q1. Who is Neighbour Express?

A: We provide parcel Pick-up services for the UniUni.

Q2. When can I go to the store to pick up my parcel?

A: You can pick up your parcel after the Date written in the section of “Parcel(s) not Delivered”

Q3. What should I do if the parcel is not at the store?

A: Please contact Uni Ex customer services.

Q4. How long will the package be stored at the pick-up location?

A: The parcel will be held for 10 days in the store. If you haven’t picked up your parcel in 10 days, please contact Uni Ex: https://uniexpress.ca/contact

Q5. I forget to bring the door tag or ID, can I pick up my parcel?

A: Unfortunately, customers need both a door tag and personal ID to pick up the package.


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Key Factors

Shipping costs can get costly especially on international platforms. With Neighbour Express, you can reduce shipping costs by more than 50%.
Afraid that someone will steal your packages? With Neighbour Express, your package is secure, no more submitting lost claims with express companies.
Tired of travelling to a far pickup location? With Neighbour Express, you can pick up your package within walkable distance.
Worried about the high costs to ship returns? With Neighbour Express, your return process will be easier and cheaper.