AliExpress Return

Thank you for using Neighbour Express for Aliexperss free return service. Please check the return process and frequently asked questions below, if there is any more question, feel free to contact us.



Open dispute and fill up the forms, Ali-express will decide whether to approve the return.


After seller agreed with the free return, you will get the shipping label with the NR******AE tracking number.


Click "" to search the closest Neighbour Express Store near your location.


Print the label and stick on your package.


Drop off your package to the Neighbour Express Store.


Use the tracking number to check the status and after the warehouse processed your order, you will get your refund!

(Any questions? Please see our Q&A below or contact us.)

| Q & A

Q1. I didn't see the label and NR****AE shipping number, what should I do?

A: Please try to refresh the page, sometime it is system delay.

Q2. I sent the package but didn't get my refund, and dispute closed, what should I do?

A: It takes around 3-4 working days for the courier to delivery your package to our warehouse, then take around 2-3 working days for warehouse to check the goods and upload to the system. You will get update with your tracking number.

Q3. Why Aliexpress reject the refund after I delivered the product?

A: If the product is damaged by the buyer or missing items which effect the second sales, Aliexpress might decide not to refund, you will receive an email from them, if you have further question, please contact online service of Aliexpress:

Q4. Who is Neighbour express?

A: We are the service provider for Aliexpress for return good in Canada, after the courier takes your package and deliver it to our warehouse, we will check the product and upload photos to AliExpress as proof, then Aliexpress will refund you.

Q5. How many days that I can get refund?

A: Normally from 1-3 weeks, please ask Ailexpress directly, Runner express only deal with logistic problems, if you have other issues, please contact Aliexpress online service:

Q6. I don't agree with the dispute result what I can do?

A: There is online customer service on Aliexpress, you can also leave comments in where you opened dispute. Online service center:

Q7. The dispute is expired, but I already sent my packages to you, What should I do if the seller asks me to send the proof that I delivered the package?

A: If the dispute is expired is because of our delay, we will contact Aliexpress to send them the proof. If the dispute is expired because of the client’s fault, we can not help you. please send your AE number by email to We will send the proof to you.

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