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“ At Neighbour Express, we're dedicated to simplifying the complexities of delivery and logistics. ”

Our approach combines personalized service and cutting-edge technology, empowering you to manage your supply chain effortlessly and cost-effectively.

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About Neighbour Express

Founded in 2021, Neighbour Express has quickly risen to prominence as a trusted name in last-mile delivery services. With a focus on community-driven solutions, the company has established a network of courier stations and introduced innovative services, making it a reliable choice for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and customer-centric delivery options.
Providing last-mile delivery for medium to large-sized cargo in Canada and offering integrated solutions for cross-border e-commerce returns.
Service network covers the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver Area , with plans for expansion in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and other locations.
Professional management team, efficient truck fleet, a significant number of contractor drivers, over a hundred courier stations, and multiple transit centers.
Specialized delivery management systems, driver dispatch terminal systems, and return service systems.
Providing high-quality and efficient services to several influential clients in the industry.

100+Neighbour Express Point

Neighbour Express's growth timeline: 100 stations, integrated returns, A-grade hubs, and expanding to 15 major Canadian cities in 2024.

  • Courier Network Expansion

    Neighbour Express introduced integrated return services, providing complete solutions that cover pickup, transit, quality inspection, and warehousing. This service utilized their courier station network and partnerships to expand return coverage across Canada, effectively addressing the demands of cross-border e-commerce returns.

    June 2021
  • Cross-Border Return Solutions

    Integrated return solutions cover pickup, transit, inspection, warehousing, and expand coverage for cross-border e-commerce returns.

  • A-Grade Network Upgrade

    Neighbour Express upgraded its service network by introducing A-grade stations with enhanced service standards, better inventory management, and quicker transit times. These A-grade stations serve as the central hubs connecting the entire service network.

  • Expanding Courier Network Nationwide

    Neighbour Express plans to expand its in-house courier station network to cover 15 major cities in Canada, including Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Victoria, and more.

Last-Mile Delivery of Small Air Freight Packages (5-25 kg)

Last-Mile Delivery of Small Air Freight Packages (5-25 kg)

  • Fulfillment Mode: Centrally utilizing sorting centers, enhancing the delivery capacity and efficiency of local contract drivers through secondary transit centers.
  • Upon goods arriving at the Neighbour Express warehouse, we aim to complete sorting, labeling, transit, and initial delivery within 48 hours.
  • We provide services such as online progress tracking, SMS notifications, access to delivery success photos, and re-delivery in case of failure.
  • We offer customized options, including warehouse self-pickup, nearby station self-pickup, scheduled delivery, and signature-required delivery.
  • Our service pricing offers a significant advantage compared to other local logistics providers.
Delivery of Medium to Large-sized Parcels  (25-68 kg)

Delivery of Medium to Large-sized Parcels (25-68 kg)

  • Neighbour Express completes deliveries using our truck fleet.
  • We offer delivery for both commercial and residential addresses according to customer-specified time efficiency.
  • Our value-added services include online progress tracking, SMS notifications, photo access, re-delivery options, warehouse self-pickup, station self-pickup, scheduled delivery, and signature-required delivery.
  • We provide competitive pricing advantages in our service offerings.
LTL (Less Than Truckload) Truck Delivery Service  ( >68 kg)

LTL (Less Than Truckload) Truck Delivery Service ( >68 kg)

  • Neighbour Express completes deliveries using our truck fleet.
  • We provide delivery services for both business and residential locations based on the time preferences specified by the customers.
  • Our services include door-to-door delivery, pickup services, scheduled deliveries, the handling of oversized items such as furniture and appliances, multi-person deliveries, and additional moving services.
  • We offer differentiated service pricing based on pickup and delivery zones.
Courier Station Return Service

Courier Station Return Service

Neighbour Express has achieved significant growth since June 2021, establishing a network of 100 courier stations in Toronto and Vancouver. In 2022, they introduced integrated return services, expanding their reach across Canada and addressing cross-border e-commerce return demands. In 2023, they further enhanced their network with A-grade stations, central hubs that improve service quality and efficiency. Looking ahead to 2024, Neighbour Express has ambitious plans to extend its courier station network to 15 major Canadian cities, solidifying its presence and commitment to efficient delivery services.

API System – Provide you with the simplest product shipping

API System – Provide you with the simplest product shipping

One station to achieve quoting, shipping, booking, tracking, historical order query and other services.

Our system comes with a powerful financial bill statistics function to help small and medium-sized enterprise customers with the lowest cost to solve freight, storage, e-commerce and other supply chain problems.

Neighbour Express Return – Integrated return solutions

Neighbour Express Return – Integrated return solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics e-commerce industry, the Neighbor Express team has launched an integrated returns solution that combines systems, networks and processing capabilities.

And with the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, it has become the preferred service provider for e-commerce returns in Canada.

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